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Quantum Terhertz Device helps balance the autonomic nervous system to improve the condition of white cells, which helps raise Immunity.

The autonomic nervous system is a component of the peripheral nervous system that regulates involuntary physiologic processes including heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and digestion.

The autonomic nervous system is activated in response to infection or injury and its products have major effects on immune function and inflammation. The parasympathetic nervous system also modulates inflammation by acting as an anti-inflammatory neural circuit.

Terahertz frequency application impacts the autonomic nervous system through Mechanotransduction.

In cellular biology, mechanotransduction is any of various mechanisms by which cells convert mechanical stimulus into electrochemical activity.

Today it is known that mechanical forces influence the growth, shape and behavior of nearly every cell, tissue and organ of the human body. Cells can sense and respond to a wide range of external chemical and physical signals and, consequently, change their morphology, dynamics and behavior. As such, mechanotransduction has become a topic of increasing awareness and consequently scientific interest in many fields of research.

Receptors detect a wide range of mechanical stimuli, including light brush of the skin, texture, vibration, touch and noxious pressure.

Mechanosensory cells detect force from signals such as touch, sound, vibration, and strain and convert these signals into ionic currents via mechanically activated ion channels.

Piezo ion channels are sensors of mechanical forces and mediate a wide range of physiological mechanotransduction processes.

Mechanosensation of cyclical force by PIEZO1 is essential for innate immunity (study)

The ability of innate immune cells to sense and respond to the physical environment is critical for their function.

Through the study of mechano-immunology, it is now increasing understood that mechanical cues are just as important as biochemical cues for determining immune cell activation.


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