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OlyLife TeraHertz Wave Therapy

Tera Hertz technology is the latest treatment from the world of advanced healing. Using Terahertz Waves, discovered  in the 1980’ to mateh the vibration frequency of human cell, the therapy helps blood fowl with normal healthy cells absorbing the Tera Waves while dormant cell are re-activated. As a exult, damaged cells ae repaired, leading to improved healing times in areas of trauma and leaving the patient feeling energized. Regular use also strengthens and induces the DNA organic molecules, enhancing self-repairing body cells.

THz (terahertz) waves are 2 form of nonionizing radiation and contain low photon energy, and are strongly absorbed | by polar molecules such as water in both gas and liquid sates. It shows the depth of Tera Hertz Wave penetration n | our biological tissues. 3

Treatment with the OlyLife Blower using Tera Hertz Technology Can:

  • Clear the eight extraordinary vessels of the body.
  • Pass through twelve main channels of the body.
  • Remone toxins and harmful substances from the body
  • Remove unhealthy elements that aren’t natural to our body.
  • Detect potential diseases using 2 scanning function.
  • Unclog vessels and stasis in the body.
  • Detoxification
  • Regulate internal organs and the immune system.
  • Replenish the body with Yang aura energy
  • Repairs Damaged cells and tissue.

Nonionising Energy

Terahertz can still penetrate the body, but because of the low energy, it’s nonionizing, and harmless, unlike, for example, X-rays.

Cell Therapy

Researchers from the RIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics found that terahertz frequencies may have applications in manipulating cell functions for the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Hydrogen Bonds

The characteristic energy of the hydrogen bond, which is the most dominant bond in biological molecules, lies within the THz frequency range.

Precision Targeting

A recent scientific study found that terahertz frequencies when targeting specific areas of the body can have an effect on proteins inside cells without harming or altering the cells themselves.

OlyLife Tera P90: Powered By Science, Inspired By Nature.

Nature offers abundant solutions to the problems we deem unsolvable. All it takes is for the world’s greatest minds to acknowledge and discover these secrets.

Here is how our products powered by nature assuage your concerns.

All About The Hertz

For the DNA, RNA, and proteins to catalyze energetic reactions, it all depends on their vibrational states modes using TeraHertz

What Is Tera Hertz?

The answer is easier than you think.

The other end of the spectrum lies gamma rays, which are billions of times smaller.

In between, we have what we’re looking for..

The “Terahertz” frequency range, or “THz Gap.”

Minding The Gap

It is called the “gap’ because our science has yet to bridge its potential into the technology we have today.

Terahertz frequency does not emit ionizing radiation, with a higher frequency and shorter wavelength that potentially harbor severe health issues, such as genetic damage and different kinds of cancer.

Nonionizing terahertz energy is safe and beneficial if utilized wisely.

Frequency Determines Physiology
Our bodies consist of materials other than the ordinary flesh and blood we easily recognize.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, with the dermis comprising a dense network of mechanoreceptors and nerve endings that help us feel.

Our sense of touch, pressure, vibration, pain, and heat all stem from these complex networks branching throughout our bodies.

It also acts as our body’s thermoregulatory, controlling blood flow within a few milli- meters of the body.

How Terahertz frequencies manage to seep through these crystalline structures within us determines the fundamental properties of the material that makes us.


Piezoelectricity is the electricity emitted from pressure and latent heat. In response to applied mechanical stress, the electric charge accumulates in certain solid martials, from crystals and ceramics to biological matter such as bone, DNA, and various proteins.

(this was vaguely fit in the info provided, so | didn’t know where to adjust it in the content)

Hydroelectric Machines

As humans, we have a deep connection with water, which constitutes a major part of our bodies, just like the world is 70% water.

In addition, we possess over 100 “ion channels” in our bodies relaying information in the form of frequency. A voltage membrane is maintained through the synchronization of biological processes (such as Ca2+, Na+, K+ -ATPase.

Our TeraHertz Device uses these hydrogen bonds and water channels called “aqua- porins.” The water around proteins is susceptible to absorbing more terahertz than pure water, which helps proteins fold correctly.

The correct folding of proteins is crucial to prevent diseases and cellular homeostasis.

Molecular vibrations present in proteins are essential to regulate the functions of proteins. Terahertz is the catalyst for DNA, RNA, and Proteins to formulate energetic reactions and carry information.

In other words, you are a hydroelectric being, and terahertz Divine Frequency tar- gets these mechanisms in you!

The Terahertz DDR (DNA Damage Response)

The prime objective for every life form is to transfer its genetic material, intact and unaltered, to the next generation.

Our body ensures this transfer despite constant attacks and infiltrations by endogenous and environmental agents.

As a counter to this threat, life has evolved several systems to detect DNA damage, triggering its immediate repair.

Such responses are biologically significant, for they are your security system against dangerous diseases.

Studies have suggested that terahertz frequency waves enhance hydrogen bond variations leading to openings between the DNA strands.

This triggers the DNA Damage Response.

This positive reaction upregulates genes and pathways guarding your genome, such as the gene called PS3.

Here is how this works:
Water is crucial for the stability and functioning of biological macromolecules. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is not on exception.

Terahertz stimulus allows for breaks in hydrogen bonds on DNA, including the DDR.

Each of the 10 trillion cells in the human body receives tens of thousands of DNA le- sions per day.

These lesions can restrict genome replication and transcription and lead to muta- tions or wider-scale genome aberrations that threaten our health if not repaired.

Terahertz frequency induces a short duration of the DNA Damage Response, which initiates DNA Repair.

Heat Therapy

One of OlyLife main focuses is Heat Therapy.

Healing your injuries and illnesses may be more simple than you think. The secret is in how the blood works. The aspect that promotes blood circulation due to in- creased temperature can soothe discomfort and facilitate muscle flexibility. Dam- aged tissue can reconstruct itself by o mere rise in temperature.

Besides being the very reason you live, oxygen heals your wounds traveling through your bloodstream, carrying the essential nutrients for a natural remedy.

The heat helps remove lactic acid buildup, causing tight and stressed muscles to take o “breather.”

Furthermore, scientists have researched heat to be able to keep stem cells healthy and functioning.

The enhanced activity of the heat rebalances the cells’ state of equilibrium or homeostasis. The recovery of protein homeostasis by enhanced heat activation has been established through experiments conducted on mice and human hematopoietic stem cells.

Protein damage impairs stem cells during aging and likely disrupts older people’s blood and immune cell production.

To sum it all up, the Terahertz frequency enhances hydrogen bond vibrations leading to improved protein folding and induces the DNA Damage Response triggering the expression of the “Guardian of the Genome* P53.

It also synchronizes hydro-electrical voltage properties such as Aquaporin water channels, Ca2+, Na+, and K+ -ATPase ion channels, thus maintaining membrane voltage.

But don’t take our word for it.

Here are some people you might know who would vouch for us

“Those who cannot be cured by medicine can be cured by surgery. Those who cannot be cured by surgery can be cured by fire [hyperthermia]. Those who cannot be cured by fire are indeed incurable.”


“If you want to find the universe’s secrets, think about energy, frequency, and vibration.”

– Nikola Tesla

“Future Medicine will be the Medicine of Frequencies.”

Don’t Waste Your Time With Cupping

What if I told you in a 30 minute session…
I could get you the results of 10 sessions of cupping???
WITHOUT the detox symptoms
WITHOUT overloading detox pathways
WITHOUT putting a strain on your organs
WITHOUT plugging up your lymph

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Exploring the Power of Terahertz Waves in Unlocking Synesthetic Experiences

## Understanding synesthesia and altered perception

Synesthesia is a fascinating phenomenon that occurs when the stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to experiences in another pathway. This neurological condition allows individuals to perceive the world in a unique and extraordinary way, where they can see colors when hearing music or taste flavors when reading words. It is a merging of the senses that unlocks a whole new realm of perception.

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Our Quantum Fascia Network

Our connective tissue, or fascia – connects to everything in our body.
Every organ, vessel and cell in our body has a fascial connection forming a bodywide system,
A vast communication network between cells and systems throughout the body that utilizes our quantum nature.

The dance between our fascia and the structured water that lines it creates a network that allows for the seamless coordination between our biology and the ecosystem we belong to.

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Terahertz Waves, PEMF And Pain

Harnessing the Power of PEMF: A Revolutionary Approach to Pain Management

Introduction To PEMF

The world of medical science is constantly evolving, introducing new therapies and treatment methods that make our lives healthier and more comfortable. One such revolutionary advancement is Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, or PEMF. PEMF is a non-invasive, painless, and drug-free solution for various health issues, particularly for pain management.

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Understanding PEMF: A Potential Solution to Combat Anxiety, OCD, and Depression

A growing body of research suggests that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy, an FDA-approved intervention, can be a potent tool in addressing various mental health issues such as anxiety, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depression, and even trauma-related conditions like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This post delves into the fundamental aspects of PEMF and analyzes its role in calming the mind, improving sleep, and enhancing overall mental well-being.

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PEMF and Brain Waves

PEMF Research

There are also many studies that support the benefits of PEMF devices. The Harvard Medical School found that a PEMF device improves mood by over 10% after just one 20-minute treatment in patients with bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder (Rohan, et al, 2013).
In another 8-weeks long study, daily administration of PEMF resulted in a 50% reduction in depression in 49% of patients with treatment-resistant depression. (Larsen, et al, 2020).
Let’s look at some common brain abnormalities and how they relate to the person’s brainwaves.

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Solar Flares, Schumann Resonance, and Human Consciousness:

The Integrative Solution of PEMF and Terahertz Waves

Let’s delve into the most fascinating frontier of scientific exploration, where we delve into the intricate interplay between solar flares, Schumann Resonance, and human consciousness.

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Stress Addiction

One of the biggest things that happen after a trauma detox – is the withdrawals your cells go through when your body isn’t getting the trauma-hormone drip from your mind.
Cells not only get used to, but CRAVE the trauma hormones they’ve been fed for long periods of time.
Subconscious trauma programs will drip drip drip trauma hormones the body becomes literally addicted to.
When you clear the Subconscious trauma mentally – the body can freak out going “WHERE’S MY TRAUMA HORMONES???”

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Super Conscious

Terahertz Waves: The Key to creating Super-Conscious Individuals

Consciousness has always been a fascinating and elusive concept for scientists and philosophers alike. It forms the core of our very existence, yet its mechanistic underpinnings remain shrouded in mystery. This article delves into an intriguing aspect of neuroscience that suggests a potential basis for consciousness – the microtubule, a crucial component of the cell’s cytoskeleton. More specifically, it explores the role of terahertz waves in generating atomic water within these microtubules, thereby facilitating the conduction of consciousness.

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Super Learner State

Oh, the wonders of modern science! The discovery that Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy and Terahertz Waves can increase learning capacity is an absolute game-changer in the field of neuroscience.
This thrilling revelation has opened exciting new realms in understanding how we can enhance human cognition and learning. The key lies in the brain’s incredible ability for Neuroplasticity—the capability of our neurons to form new connections and pathways, enhancing our cognitive abilities.

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Terahertz Revolution

Let’s dive into the exciting world of Terahertz waves and their astonishing benefits to human health.
Can you believe that these high-frequency waves can actually be harnessed for self-healing?
Yes, you heard it right! It is a revolutionary leap in the field of health and medicine.
Terahertz waves, also known as T-waves, are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, lying between the infrared and microwave regions.

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The Role of Terahertz Waves in Enhancing Human Health

The Role of Terahertz Waves in Enhancing Human Health

Terahertz waves, located between the infrared and microwave regions of the electromagnetic spectrum, have frequencies ranging from 0.1 to 10 terahertz (THz).

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The Tera P90 as a Recharger

The OlyLife Tera P90 – a rapid recharger for the body’s energy systems

Welcome to the world of Terahertz Waves, an intriguing and promising sector of the electromagnetic spectrum that is bustling with potential. Terahertz Waves, or THz waves, as they are often referred to, are electromagnetic waves that exist in the frequency range of 0.1 to 10 THz. These waves are nestled between microwaves and infrared waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, embodying unique properties that differentiate them from their neighboring waves.

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