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What determines the function of a protein?

The way that the protein folds determines its function.

What determines the fold?


Studies show that thousands of water molecules organize milliseconds BEFORE the protein folds.

How can we assist to make sure the protein folds correctly?

Terahertz frequency!!!

The role of water in the functioning of proteins has been a hot topic over the years. Understanding the dance of water molecules is key to understanding how all of life works.

We now appreciate that it is virtually impossible to grasp almost anything at the molecular level about biology, without understanding how water molecules interact with biomolecules within cells.

The intermolecular vibrations of the small spaces between the water molecules determines how the water molecules interact with the protein.

Protein folding is crucial for normal physiology including development and healthy aging, and failure of this process is related to the pathology of diseases including neurodegeneration and cancer.

In fact, the “Unfolded Protein Response” is literally involved with EVERY SINGLE DISEASE!!!

The Unfolded stress response (UPR) is a conserved cellular pathway involved in protein quality control to maintain homeostasis under different conditions and disease states characterized by cell stress.

Terahertz frequency is the frequency of LIFE!


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