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“THz pulses for ten minutes leads to a significant induction of H2AX phosphorylation, indicating that THz pulse irradiation may cause DNA damage in exposed skin tissue. At the same time, we find a THz-pulse-induced increase in the levels of several proteins responsible for cell-cycle regulation and tumor suppression, suggesting that DNA damage repair mechanisms are quickly activated.”

Terahertz frequency induces localized openings (bubbles) in the DNA strands. This triggers the DNA Damage Response which then recruits all the DNA Repair genes to activate.

In case you’re wondering this is ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC for ANY health related issue!

The Immune System Responds to DNA Damage

DNA damage sensors play a role in the detection of foreign DNA in the cytoplasm leading to the activation of immune signaling.

Induction of the DNA Damage Response in immune signaling triggers inflammation which is a protective response mediating the elimination of injurious agents, the removal of necrotic cells, and the initiation of tissue repair.

Acute inflammation triggers the healing.


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