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IONShield Ionizer Pendant

IONShield Benefits

Besides being anti-bacterial and anti-viral the continuous absorption of negative ions into your body from the IONShield Ionizing Pendant is good for health. It supports the improvement of energy, balance, stress-relief, mental performance, metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, and more.

The IONShield Ionizing Pendant is an air purifying device with a built-in carbon brush system that releases negative ions into the air surrounding you. It releases an astonishing 60 million negative ions into the air per pulse.

For nearly 100 years, researchers have explored the benefits of negative ions – a phenomenon that occurs naturally in nature. Ions are formed when an atom gains or loses an electrical charge. Typically, negative ions are formed through natural means such as rain, wind, or sunlight causing an atom to break apart. As you could image, forests, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, and just about any area out in nature will contain high concentrations of negative ions in the air.

The beach, in particular, can have as much as 2000 negative ions per cubic centimeter as opposed to a crowded city that may have less than 100.

Studies have shown that negative ions possess not only an anti-microbial effect but also a mood-stabilizing one. Research indicates that negative ions can influence serotonin levels in your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can have a role in mood disorders ranging from depression to seasonal affective disorder.

IONShield Price

$350.00 USD shipped in USA. Check with your sponsor for other country prices.

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