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Our Quantum Fascia Network

Our connective tissue, or fascia – connects to everything in our body.
Every organ, vessel and cell in our body has a fascial connection forming a bodywide system,
A vast communication network between cells and systems throughout the body that utilizes our quantum nature.

The dance between our fascia and the structured water that lines it creates a network that allows for the seamless coordination between our biology and the ecosystem we belong to.

Structured water within the body forms on the hydrophilic surfaces that line our cells and fascia.
Structured water has the capacity to trap energy from photons, frequencies and infrared energy – and most specifically, Terahertz waves – for use in biological processes.

This structured water is specifically what scientists call “Atomic Water” – and is structured into specialized clusters by Terahertz waves, giving the water an incredible “hydrated electron” energy storage capacity….like a water battery.

Our connective tissue is a network of hydrophilic surfaces that create a layer of structured water against them.
This structured water creates a zone of negative charge that contrasts with the more positively charged zone of the proton rich water right outside of it.
This separation of charge creates energy and can induce a liquid current, a flow of energy.
Energy currents in the form of electrons flow throughout our fascia and communicate into the interior of every single cell through electron channels.
Electrons can flow directly along the membrane within the structured water layer.
This is what allows for the nearly 100% efficient transfer of electrons into the inner membrane space in the mitochondria.
This structured water is what gives our body the capacity to be a room temperature near super-conductor of electricity, and Terahertz waves are one of the required inputs in order to generate structured (Atomic) water.
These nanotubules of quantum information are powered by the electrical capacity of our tropocollagen – but even more powerfully, by our microtubules which are our antennas into the “quantum realm” funneling it into our waking reality.
Our fascia is piezoelectric, it creates electricity from the compression and movement of the liquid crystal tropocollagen. Fascia and connective tissue respond powerfully to Terahertz waves, allowing our body to become supercharged by the addition of the frequencies of the Tera P90 device.
With movement, our piezoelectric fascia creates an electrical current that creates more structured water, furthering powering our quantum communication network.
By utilizing Terahertz Wave and PEMF devices, we can power our bodies like never before, and mimic the effects of movement – and far beyond.

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