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The Extracellur Matrix that provides structural and biochemical support to surrounding cells is rich in piezoelectric activity.

Crystal lattice vibrations take place within our collagen fibers which help us to absorb photons and frequency.

Depending on the type of frequency absorbed this could either harm us, or help us.

The new Quantum Terahertz Device provides us with what scientists are now calling the “WAVE of LIFE” frequency.

This special frequency penetrates the extracellular matrix down to the bone and helps stimulate regeneration at our core.

Cell development for tissue regeneration depends on the mechanical and the electrical stimuli present in the cell microenvironment.

These processes are governed by complex mechanical, thermal, electrical, and chemical cues in the extracellular matrix (ECM).

Providing the body with terahertz frequency, combined with light and heat, allows for the body to heal itself through the piezoelectric effect.

Terahertz electromagnetic waves have many important applications in the field of biomedicine.


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