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Stress Addiction

One of the biggest things that happen after a trauma detox – is the withdrawals your cells go through when your body isn’t getting the trauma-hormone drip from your mind.

Cells not only get used to, but CRAVE the trauma hormones they’ve been fed for long periods of time.

Subconscious trauma programs will drip drip drip trauma hormones the body becomes literally addicted to.

When you clear the Subconscious trauma mentally – the body can freak out going “WHERE’S MY TRAUMA HORMONES???”

It’s become dependent on in order to function normally… hormonally that’s all they’ve known for long periods of time.

One of the hardest addictions to clear…

Is a STRESS addiction.

Yes, you read that right.

Your own body becomes adrenachrome addicted to your trauma – and can go through intense withdrawals physically as you clear mental programs.

Addressing the physical addiction to stress – inversely allows the mind to more effectively clear trauma, as the body must experience the same level of stress as when the trauma occurred in order to return to that memory and clear it.

The OlyLife Terahertz P90 helps to reset your stress addiction and detox trauma by resetting the Vagus nerve complex and activating parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) response – so we can start to detox the body from trauma hormones and stress addiction.

Don’t be surprised after consistent use of a lot of negative emotions come up to be cleared.

Let’s return to homeostasis and stop feeding our body trauma hormones – by helping every cell in your body hearing you loving yourself with regular Terahertz Wave and PEMF use with the Tera P90.

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