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The flow of information from DNA to RNA to proteins to amino acids is one of the fundamental principles of molecular biology. It is so important that it is sometimes called the “central dogma.”

The Terahertz spectrum is biologically dominated by hydrogen bonds within the cell. Biological vibrations and rotations, involving hydrogen bonds, van der Waals forces, etc, are associated with vibrational and rotational energy that mostly lie in the THz domain.

Amino acids are the backbones of proteins as well as fundamental elements to assemble cells and tissues. They are involved in all cellular metabolic and repairing processes and are responsible for various pathological genesis.

One of the amino acids extremely susceptible to change is Lysine, which has a key role in human metabolism and various physiological functions, such as promotion of human growth and enhancement of immunity. With the addition of water molecules, the surrounding environment of Lys is changed, affecting its collective molecular vibrations.

In every aspect of our cellular biology hydrogen bonding dominates. This is true for DNA, RNA, Proteins, and Amino acids.

Simply put, The WAVE of LIFE terahertz frequency impacts you on every level


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