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Minimal-invasive enhancement of auditory perception by terahertz wave modulation (study)

“Here, in this work, we describe terahertz wave modulation, a new and minimally invasive technology that can enhance hearing perception in animals by reversible modulation of currents in cochlear hair cells. Using single-cell electrophysiology, guinea pig audiometry, and molecular dynamics simulations, we show that THM can reversibly increase mechano-electrical transducer currents (∼ 50% higher) and voltage-gated K+ currents in cochlear hair cells through collective resonance.

In addition, measurement of auditory brainstem response (ABR) in guinea pigs treated with THM indicated a ~ 10 dB increase in hearing sensitivity. This study thus reports a new method of highly spatially selective hearing enhancement without introducing any exogeneous gene, which has potential applications for treatment of hearing disorders as well as several other areas of neuroscience.”

Terahertz frequency may improve hearing according to this study.


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