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OlyLife F.A.Q.

What is the OlyLife Tera P90?

The OlyLife TeraP90 is a revolutionary Terahertz wave and PEMF device you place your feet on to not only recharge your body and organ/cellular functions, but also rebalance your parasympathetic nervous system.

What is a Terahertz Wave?

A Terahertz wave is much like a “Wifi” router wave, but one that is non-ionizing and biocompatible with the Human Body, Mind, and Soul.

Non-Ionizing means it does not cause DNA damage or oxidative stress.

A Terahertz Wave is used by every cell in the body to not only communicate with every other cell/organ/body system/microbe in the human body – but also used as an energy source to power the formation of Atomic Water and many other biological functions.

Terahertz waves are now being utilized in communication fields because of the exceptional level of bandwith it possesses and the amount of information it can send and receive in a small amount of time.

Terahertz waves sit between microwave frequencies and infrared frequencies, and every biological life form on the planet utilizes Terahertz waves to perform biological functions, biological communication, and provide power as a whole.

Terahertz waves are also used by the “Soul” through special structures called “Microtubules” in the Human body to bring information from the Quantum Realm into our waking, 3D reality. Essentially, their the waves that stream the TV show called “YOU” and collapse your reality into being – on top of being used as the primary waveband for cellular/biological communication and energy sources.

What is PEMF?

PEMF stands for “Pulsed Electro Magnetic Frequencies”.

The Earth itself and living organisms produce PEMF’s that are used to “Sync” our bodies and body systems with the Earth itself. Think of it as the “Heartbeat of the Earth” – that our bodies also emit back to the Earth to synchronize our existence in this particular 3D reality our bodies exist in.

Every planet in the Universe would emit it’s own kind of PEMF frequencies that would “anchor” life forms into that particular location and planet in the Universe, and so by copying and mimicking the frequencies the Earth emits, it helps to “Ground” us into reality here and now on this planet.

By stabilizing your existence into this 3D reality with PEMF waves, this allows your body to sync its organ and cellular functions up with the blueprints that God has provided for our body to perform its regular functions (including thinking) in order to achieve maximum efficiency and results from the Blueprints God gave our bodies to operate in this 3D reality.

PEMF is FDA approved for treating pain and anxiety, and shows great promise in assisting with the symptoms of mental illnesses such as depression and decreasing symptoms associated with it (it is not a cure for anything however).

PEMF wave devices are akin to “going barefoot in nature” to help synchronize your body back with the planet and return to a “stress free state” and is exceptionally useful in resetting the parasympathetic nervous system to get you back into “rest and digest” mode instead of “chronic fight or flight”.

PEMF waves aren’t like EMF’s that are emitted from electronic devices, as the EMF’s from cell phones and Wifi’s etc are “ionizing” radiation, meaning they cause DNA damage and oxidative stress. PEMF waves on the other hand, are a natural magnetic field (EMF) that is utilized by all of nature as a whole to give a “heartbeat” to our reality, and are beneficial instead of damaging. Not all “radiation” is created equally – as infrared waves (heat) are technically termed “radiation”, even though they are beneficial to the body in many ways (and essential!!!).

How does the OlyLife Tera P90 use the Terahertz Waves and PEMF to work together to provide benefits?

In order to answer this question right, we’ll need to use a little analogies to in order to paint a picture.

Think of Terahertz waves as “sunlight” and PEMF as “roots” in a plant.

Both are necessary in order for the plant to grow, and one helps the other work better.

If I take a plant with very little roots and put it in the sunlight – the plant will be unable to absorb enough water and nutrients to grow, and the sunlight will end up “wilting” the plant or burning the leaves.

If I take a plant and give it lots of roots but no sunlight – the plant will end up suffering because it doesn’t have the energy to grow and perform its biological functions.

When you give a plant BOTH the “sunlight” and the “roots” together, then the plant can absorb the energy from the Sun and the nutrients/water from the soil to support the plant fully.

The same goes with Terahertz waves and PEMF for the Human body.

The Terahertz waves are akin to the “Sunlight” that provides energy and brings in information, and the PEMF is akin to the “roots” that allow our bodies to uptake nutrients and water appropriately – and by combining them together in the right ratios, we’re able to get EXPONENTIALLY MORE BENEFITS than just one or the other.

It’s a lot more complicated than this – but this is a great analogy to give you a base idea what’s happening when you use the Tera P90.

Are there any contradictions to using the Tera P90?

Those with implanted electronic devices (pacemakers, insulin pumps, etc) should not use the device at all. We have no idea how the Tera P90 will interact with these electronics, and we need to make sure that we aren’t putting people at risk.

Those with Heart issues and Breathing complications are “advised” by the company not to use the device, at least for caution’s sake to make sure that in case something happens due to these complications that use of the OlyLife device isn’t blamed for something that happens.

Those with metal implants are advised to only use the device on low settings as to avoid any interaction with the metal in the body. All metal/jewelry is also advised to be removed before use of the device to avoid any interaction with the metal (this would also apply to whatever your sitting on, the less metal in whatever you’re sitting on – the better).

If you have metal fillings or other implanted metal devices (that aren’t electronic) you are simply “advised” to use a lower setting.

What power setting should I use the device on and for how long?

This is up to the individual user – but the best guidelines are always to “go low and slow” when starting off.

Most users start at about a level 1-3 for 15-30 minutes for the first week or so. This allows the body to adjust to the incoming changes and energies and utilize them most appropriately. While PEMF and Terahertz wave devices are incredibly safe and beneficial – there is such as thing as “too much of a good thing” sometimes.

The settings on the device have different effects at different power levels – and don’t think that a lower setting is necessarily “less powerful” than a higher setting.

At settings below a “5” – there is more of a calming/parasympathetic reset, and slowing down of brainwave states to get more into a “rest and digest” and the “super learner” state where the body is in a calmer, more regenerative state and able to pay great attention to detail and learn faster. The best time to use lower settings is before bed in order to get into a deep, restful, and re-energizing sleep. This is also a great setting to use during “counseling” of any kind in order to support a “safer” and more relaxed state in which to release stored up emotions.

A setting above a “5” is more energizing, and can be used to “supercharge” organ functions like detoxication and immune system activity. This all will energize the mind as well to be more “quick” and faster thinking, and is a great setting to use before physical activity or activities that require “movement” and quick thinking. The best time to use higher settings is in the morning in order to get yourself energized and woken up, instead of say a cup of coffee (although both….might really get you going).

A setting right “around a 5” will have a bit of a blend of BOTH benefits – relaxing and focusing, yet still stimulating and “charging up”. This is a good setting for the “middle of the day” use in order to stay focused, yet energized at the same time.

All settings will be beneficial, and sometimes you might need to use a setting that seems “contradictory” to what you think you might need in order to address a certain aspect of health you’d like to support, or even “push though”.

How much is the device?

Currently the device is approximately $1065 USD with tax and shipping.

How long does it take for the device to arrive?

Currently on average it takes about 2 weeks to arrive in the United States, but it can take up to 3 weeks at times (or even as little as 9 days in some cases). UK and Mexico seem to be about the 2 week mark loosely on average as well.

It says not to use electronic devices or let your legs touch or touch other people while using the device in the instructions, can I get some clarification?

It’s not IMPERATIVE that you “don’t let your legs touch” – it’s more because each foot pad is acting like a different “batter terminal” in order to let the waves flow through the body, and keeping your legs from touching allows the frequencies to get up into the hips and upper body better. You’ll just get better results to some extent if you don’t let your legs touch more than necessary.

Electronic devices – we’re especially talking about cell phones. It’s just BETTER if you’re not on them and don’t use them – but it’s not going to “ruin” your session at all. The more ATTENTION you can pay to using the device and holding a desired outcome from it, the greater benefits you’re going to get.

It’s perfectly fine to have a laptop or TV in the room if you choose – these aren’t going to “ruin” your session by any means. Heck if you have to turn on a TV show or whatever while using the device – you’re going to get way more benefits than NOT using the device, so you do what you gotta do.

I absolutely love my device, is there a business opportunity if I’d like to share it and/or build a team?

First off – everyone is going to love this device. That’s awesome. Very few times do you get something that works for every person, every time, in some way that’s beneficial – especially with consistent use, and nearly everyone notices something of some sort the first use.

Next, there absolutely is a sharing opportunity and the capacity to build a team if you would like. This is not required by ANY means to do so, but is available for those who are interested.

Is there any monthly purchase or fees if I decided to build a business?

No, just one purchase gives everyone the opportunity to share and earn commissions without any monthly fees, or any purchase beyond your initial device. There is also never any pressure to share it if you don’t feel called to do, it’s just a bonus if you want to help others get better in the easiest way possible.

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