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For some sad reason, Western medicine knows next to nothing about the body’s electrical system. Pharmacology sees electricity as something that makes drugs work. Neurology sees electricity as delivering information to a nervous system that does little more than release or inhibits chemicals. Clinical medicine knows electricity as little more than a means of burning tissue by delivering heat through laser and particle beams.

Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, while not couched in electrical terms, are concerned with electrical systems when they talk about energizing a meridian or stimulating the body’s chi. Physiotherapists and chiropractors are working with the nervous activation of tissues, and craniosacral therapists are sensing rhythms and currents in the body.

Viruses and other microbes can be inactivated in a selective way by subjecting them to an oscillating electric field of adequate frequency, such as found in the terahertz frequency range.

Fracturing The Virus

The genetic material of the virus is DNA/RNA enclosed within the protective protein shell (Capsid). Every cell in the human body has a natural tendency to vibrate at a frequency known as the natural frequency, and so does the virus.

A typical example will be an opera singer shattering a wine glass. Here, the sound waves produced by the singer shatter the wine glass due to resonance.

The protective protein shell (Capsid) of viruses is influenced by mechanical excitations in the form of frequency waves when focused on it.

Excitations tuned to the natural frequency of the virus shell result in resonance. At resonance, for sufficient wave energy, the protective shell undergoes alternating compression and rarefaction which induce mechanical stress severe enough to shatter the virus shell just like the wine glass. The virus becomes inactive with the destruction of its protective shell.

Royal R. Rife discovered this already about 100 years ago. He proved its efficiency by means of high-resolution microscopes and in 1934, by controlled clinical tests. However, these results seemed to be unbelievable, since the underlying mechanism was not yet understood.

Forced oscillations of viral spikes lead to a peculiar resonance, because of nonlinear effects.

It causes total destruction of the virus by rupture of its coating.

The same theory applies to bacteria and nanobacteria, because of their pili.

By watching bacteria and viruses in their living state, Rife said that he could observe the effect of impinging electrical waves. He said he could tune these waves to the pathogen’s resonant frequencies, and kill them.

The worldwide “plandemic”, the constant threat of unpredictable mutations, and the now available explanations should make it obvious that biophysical methods cannot be neglected anymore.

If the metabolism of the human body is perfectly balanced or poised, it is susceptible to no disease.

Frequency selection in the terahertz range of the electromagnetic spectrum is able to lead to a controlled increase in intracellular and extracellular transport of proteins due to the controlled ATP GTP reaction thereby increasing the immune characteristics of the body, as well as – impeding the development of oncological diseases.

Think of it as Broadband Bio-Coherence! The body of a healthy person “vibrates” in the higher ranges.

The body’s reaction to terahertz therapy remains natural; the modulation boosts the body’s ability for homeostatic regulation to reestablish a healthy state.

Frequency medicine is the future and the future is NOW.

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